So wrong for so long : how the press, the pundits--and the president--failed on Iraq.

Main Author: Mitchell, Greg.
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: New York : Union Square Press/Sterling Pub., 2008
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100 1 |a Mitchell, Greg. 
245 1 0 |a So wrong for so long :  |b how the press, the pundits--and the president--failed on Iraq. 
260 |a New York :  |b Union Square Press/Sterling Pub.,  |c c2008. 
300 |a xxi, 298 p. ;  |c 23 cm. 
504 |a Includes bibliographical references (p. 269-281) and index. 
505 0 |a 2003 -- January. on the war path -- My 9/11 story--and Iraq's -- February. Ellsberg : have the media learned lessons of Vietnam? -- Powell conquers the media -- Schanberg hits the ground rules running -- March. Eleven questions we wish they'd asked -- Rummy meets McNamara -- April. Moyers : beginning of the end--or just the beginning? -- May. Back in the daze of mission accomplished -- July. Media downplay U.S. death toll -- September. Why we are in Iraq -- On the second anniversary of 9/11 -- 2004 -- February. How we treat the injured -- March. Did you hear the one about the missing WMD? -- April. Good morning, Vietnam -- Coffin fit -- May. General Petraeus : "tell me how this ends" -- Why did the press ignore early report on Abu Ghraib? -- A rare call for withdrawal -- Rush Limbaugh, Abe Rosenthal, and me -- About Times : it finally accepts blame on WMD -- June. From Sadr city to Doonesbury -- July. The pluck of the Irish -- August. Post war apology falls short -- September. George W. Bush : the new "Baghdad Bob"? -- What a reporter in Iraq really thinks about the war -- November. From Fallujah to Landstuhl : what about the wounded? -- Shoot the messenger (literally) -- December. Rumsfeld caught with "armor" down -- 2005 -- January. Rathergate vs. weaponsgate -- Declare victory--and pull out -- March. Reporters air grievances -- May. The great photo "cover-up" -- No Pat answers in the Tillman case -- July. Plame gets the "-gate" -- Why the Pentagon is blocking Abu Ghraib images -- August. Cindy Sheehan and the lost boys -- October. The scooter and Judy Soap Opera : "as the aspens turn" -- Times drops bombshell--on Judy Miller -- Time to end Miller's high life -- November. Lunching with Rumsfeld -- Murtha speaks out : a "Cronkite moment"? -- 2006 -- January. What I did during the Jill Carroll abduction -- February . Oprah "Freys" George W. Bush -- March. Appointment in Samarra -- David Brooks plays Rummy -- On third anniversary : editorials dither while Iraq dies -- April. Even Stephen : Colbert roasts President--and the press -- May. Neil Young and the restless -- A history of the "Friedman unit" -- June. Media slow to probe Haditha -- Dead and loving it : media air graphic images of Zarqawi -- The cost of killing civilians -- Bruce Springsteen vs. Ann Coulter -- September. A comma or a coma? -- October. Will the media finally count the dead? -- Bush among friends -- November. She killed herself--after objecting to torture techniques -- Kayla and Alyssa : why one survived -- She outlived Iraq--then killed herself at home -- December. The last soldier to die for a mistake -- Media leave audience hanging -- 2007 -- January. Surge protectors -- March. A Washington Post editorial as a Daily Show routine -- General Petraeus and a high-profile suicide -- Press covers Plame's wardrobe--ignores cover-up -- April. A woman's dentures in the dirt -- Has "straight talk" by media derailed McCain? -- "Sorry we shot your kid, but here's $500" -- Moyers returns with "devastating" probe -- June. Better late than never : a major paper calls for pullout -- A rare look at one civilian casualty -- July. Haven't we been through this movie before? -- From hanging with George Clooney to hanging bad guys in Iraq -- August. Why aren't the media on a suicide watch? -- George Bush meets Graham Greene -- September. "Op-ed soldiers" die--as Petraeus and Bush surge ahead -- October. Dying in the dark--in the "non-combat" zone. 
650 0 |a Iraq War, 2003-  |x Journalism, Military. 
650 0 |a Freedom of speech  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Iraq War, 2003-  |x Press coverage  |z United States. 
650 0 |a Iraq War, 2003-  |x Mass media and the war. 
651 0 |a United States  |x Politics and government  |y 2001- 
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